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Wisdom is in the Now

There is much to be gained from being present and aware. Not just what is happening in the world around you but the world within you too.

As you practice presentness you will begin to differentiate between the mind and you. You are not the mind. The more you practice presentness the clearer it becomes who you are and you become one who is not limited to just the box within the mind. Now you have multi-dimensional access. Outside of time and space.

Continue to navigate in presentness and your ability to orchestrate the various platforms you have available to you becomes a work of art.

Imagine being so available to consciousness that your car only creaks down at the shop. You get requests to change appointments you had forgotten and would have missed anyway. You get vital information from a stranger and you ask just the right question at the right moment. What about the sense of time? Knowing you have to leave somewhere and the timing from A to B was perfect.

You have become so aware of this playing out in your life that it is like part of the script you wrote and you have a knowing that some force beyond this dimension is working with you to guarantee your success.

Your experience is one of All is well. This knowing becomes so integrated in your belief that it creates a by-product that if something doesn’t work, doesn’t happen, that is perfect too! The knowing does not allow for an iota of self doubt, lack or less than feeling.

In this confidence of successful coordination there can be effortlessness and flow. It is the perfect frequency for the synchronicities that are elemental in going here you want to go. These synchronicities are surprising and exciting. You can even go a step further and spend time in the morning plotting out fun surprises to show up in your day. Literally script them in and see what happens.

What platforms are you engaging to serve you and your calling? The mind? Non-Physical? Physical world? Energetic? Are you engaging all or just one or two? It is possible to weave these all together to form an authenticity, cohesive masterpiece.

Your journey, your life, your calling…

Where are you weakest? Can you think of a way to bring that into your calling? To embed the authenticity of you into that platform?

The more present you are the clearer your answers become. This clarity is a wisdom that can only come to you in the communion of that moment.

It is accessible to all. Only few will choose to receive it.

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