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Wonder of Personal Mastery

Today you have experienced the wonder of personal mastery. You are finding your way in this dream. Learning the way reality works and responds to you.

For you were raised to believe in control and we want you to surrender and take ultimate ownership of the frequency so that your surrender is not giving in to victimhood but the flip side. Surrendering to your role as co-creator and receiving that which serves your highest potential.

Your personal mastery will be nurtured and expanded as you explore all that is available to you. This will take you skirting along the edge of the unknown pulling in new a little at a time. Implementing the new. Always expanding.

This will keep your work aligned with your passion. Though, as many before you have realized that at times you will just start over. A reboot. A new tract. The passion and calling you have are not being replace but are refocused.

By nurturing your relationship with higher self you have realized the only way to truly operate in this frequency.

It is not work. It is not effort. It is simply tuning within. Bringing awareness to the now moment. Healing the illusion and allowing for experience.

This is the only reality you get to enjoy the senses and feel. Make the most of it. Stop resisting the experience and instead bring your mastery in the surrender, to feeling the here and now.

You are a powerful co-creator. To feel into the now and surrender to the experience you open the door to your potential to create change, to birth the very new.

It is a very elegant dance of stirring the frequencies and receiving opportunities that match the new frequency. The more you do this, the better you get at it. Do it on purpose.

How do you stir the energy? Are you setting intuition in the morning? Expressing gratitude? Celebrating synchronicity? Following the inspired action? Supporting others around you? Honoring the world?

Now is the time to know all is frequency and your efforts would best serve you if you focus your efforts on the highest frequency activities. Stay aligned and you will find you can easily create the life you want. Contact; Jemma 401-699-6142

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