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Yes to You!

If you want to put your focus where it will count. It is Saying Yes to You!

This may not be immediately obvious to you. How about, where are you saying ‘NO’ to you? That matters.

Because often it isn’t the needs we say ‘no’ to; it is the inspired action the ideas that make your heart sing. These are the ones that create the expansion that you truly want. They feel so good when you think of them and rational mind can’t send a direct link to outcome thus determines that doing this inspired action is a waste of time.

When in reality the inspired action is the direct connection, direct communication with consciousness. This is one powerful tool for being the highest potential you.

As time goes on you begin to recognize the feeling of saying yes to you. The difference between saying ‘No’ and saying ‘Yes’ becomes very clear! Saying ‘No’ brings on feelings you now anger want to associate with.

You can look back now and see the times in your life that was months on end of saying ‘No’. Choosing to give your power away to another. Even voluntarily this is a ‘no’ to you.

Stepping into the 5D reality, saying yes to you is on the same point as saying ‘yes’ to the highest good of all. This is where exponential expansion happens. And it can only happen here! Saying ‘yes’ to you is saying ‘yes’ to your co-creative relationship with Source. huge step.

In making this choice you will begin to shake loose ideas, beliefs and patterns which no longer fit.

Merely recognize that these belong to the 3D frequency. They cannot pass through to 5D with you and that is OK.

You don’t have to figure it out! Merely notice the thought. If it feels off, negative, resistance, simply say ‘I release this______, and I welcome in the new pattern, the new version that will serve the highest good of all!’

The version that resonates with 5D is at the unconditional love frequency. You can know that it will be perfect for you. Even if you don’t know what it will be. Tis the fun of this game, this co-creating.

For each role of the dice there is a movement forward and the fun is find out after you roll!

Have fun. turn your next ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ and see what happens next!

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