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You are Love as Is

You are not your story! You are love as is!! As you navigate your day begin to notice the stories your mind will tell you. Nearly 100% of the time it is these stories alone which spike fear into your experience. Fear that has no basis or reason to be right here, right now. Yet you entertain this voice and the stories which only serve to take you away from this now moment and all the peace and happiness available to you right here.

You are not your stories. What is you believed you are love as is?

What is you knew this was who you are and there is nothing you needed to do or say to make this moment work. Nothing you needed to do to meet expectations of yourself or others?

That you showing up was the gift. That allowing what wants to unfold happen would be magic. Not you are Co-creating!

Feel the shift in being present and available to the moment. Instead of having to do something. Having to meet a demand. It is that freedom and lightness in letting go of the expectations that allows you the room to tap into the greatness coming to you.

Notice where you are playing small. These are the places the stories are holding you back. There is another voice within you that is holding a light for you. You can only see as far as the light. This is the next small step to your authentic, full potential self. You may want to know what is beyond the light. Yet without stepping towards it you won’t know. Your faith will give you the strength to step towards the unknown. This is the path out of the box. And outside the box is where everything you want is!

Nothing you want is in the box. The box is filled with your past stories and by the very fact they are in the past they no longer exist. You do not need to stay with them, to keep them alive.

You are here now, in this moment. With access to the infinite. Yet when you bring in past story or future expectation you are imposing massive limitations on you, your happiness and what is possible.

What if you showed up willing and available to the unfolding the universe has ready for you. Being a co-collaborator of the magic, of this moment. Anything is possible.

Be OK with not knowing and say yes to loving this moment. loving your fears and knowing you are love just as you are.

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