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You are Remembering Who You Are

We would like you to go deep into your weekend. Feeling and seeing the enormity of what you accomplished. You remembered Who you are! When you experience your Ah-ha moments you are remembering who you are. These are huge leaps! Remembering who you are is central to your calling. You don’t have to force anything. It will unfold right in front of you.

However, being aware, actively setting intention and integrating the break throughs will move you along much faster. This is proactively creating your world.

Going deep is getting far below the WHYS you’ve adopted for what you do. Because I have a kid to put through college… Because my mom is sick… Because I have to pay for a home for my family. These are fear based reasons and it is time to hone into the authentic you. The you that has a passion. The you that loves nature, working with your hands and laughing.

Tapping into your truth is not fear based. And maintaining a facade of fear based ‘Whys”will actually keep you from your truth.

It is time to let go of the burdens you’ve carried. Get honest with yourself about why you are carrying any burdens? How is this serving you?

How often people carry burdens based on their perceived expectations of others. Within you is a guidance system that you can count on to give you answers to what to do right now.

Your path can not be found outside of you, dictated by others, society or social norms. You are Consciousness itself and going outside of you to the side effect the very by-product of the frequency of others, negates your truth.

Taking this journey one inspired action at a time will generate miracles. You were meant to co-create. Turning off the guidance systems shuts down this process. Not listening to the inspired action is like shutting off your walkie-talkies on the job. When your job depends on the communication you give and receive.

We know that asking you to solely trust the inspired action is a paradigm shift. Completely asking you to let go of everything you’ve been taught may be scary and unnerving. It may even feel like jumping off a cliff. We get it! However, if you begin to test this, practice it one small action at a time, you will clearly see there is nothing to fear and everything to gain.

You have been living in a box. Unaware that you were in a box. Now you are realizing that yes indeed you are in a box! And, nothing you want is in that box!

Let go, stop insisting on your place in the box and allow yourself to be in the everything, the nothing, the all. It is here you feel and know the oneness. It is your home.

Welcome back! Let us begin!

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