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You Choose the Frequency

Feel into the frequency of fun, motion and excitement. Imagine music that resonates with this frequency. You’d know it if you heard it right?!

It is time to fully understand that you create your life. There are only limits that you put on you and your experience.

When you choose your frequency you set the bar for what you want. This is very important. It is also important to know the frequency comes first. It is a decision and you will find it so much easier to alter your frequency by decision rather than using your environment.

Because you create your environment it is difficult and quite backwards to think watching a funny movies when you are depressed will raise your frequency. It’s like enjoying being tickled if your mad. Not very likely!

One more thing to know. If you have a long standing momentum and want to change it. Even more important to make a decision and take the new action to raise frequency.

Non physical is waiting for your request for help. So ask us!! We want to co-create with you always. As you find your power in this change you will begin to actually understand how big this co-creating thing is while changing frequency may seem like a small insignificant thing it isn’t! It is the seed of exponential and quantum change.

It is your ability to shift into higher and higher frequencies which creates expansion and aligned you with dreams you haven’t even dreamt yet! This is because as you expand your ability to think beyond your old limiting beliefs you will have access to ideas and inspiration at the new expanded beliefs. This is huge.

Perhaps you have a new belief that you could go to college or start a business, this inspiration is directly related to your higher frequency. If instead of following through you return to your previous frequency you will brush off the inspired thought, begin to doubt the possibility, you may even just forget you ever thought it till your frequency bumps up there again.

BUT if you took complete responsibility of your role as co-creator and continued this path of expanding frequency you’d be able to expand on the idea you had the inspired action. And you’ll receive more inspired action leading you to the co-created future you are partnering in.

Holding higher frequency will also allow you time to recognize the old beliefs and patterns and release them for good. This will help in anchoring in the new too. Without the old to return to we can only move forward.

This is a lot to digest. Consider taking this week and playing with raising your frequency on purpose. Daily in the morning to start and anytime you notice sliding back.

Take notice of the behaviors that turn up in your lower frequencies now they feel how they no longer are contributing to your life.

Recognize, high frequency is a better feeling place. A sense of excitement and wonder often accompany it. You are perfectly poised in high frequency to access ideas that would never be in the lower frequencies. These new ideas will give you deep urge to move, to do, to create. That is similar to the behavior of a child. So many stuck in stale frequencies have written off their ability to ever be inspired again. If they stay in the same old frequency this will be a self fulfilling prophecy.

You were never meant to stagnate or contract and that is why you have a guidance system that shows you when you are. This registers as a yucky feeling.

Wake up and start expanding. Feel how amazing it is. And the result will be a world that is fun, stimulating and full of opportunity. You are the co-creator, start acting like it!

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