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Your Relationship to Source

It is important to recognize that your momentum depends on the relationship you nurture with Source, Consciousness.

As you are finding any resistance in your life you are face to face with the NOW obstacle derailing you from your momentum.

Yet the very response you default to is avoidance, denial and resistance.

It is time to relearn the response to life difficulties. This response ultimately could be joy at having yet the latest opportunity for massive expansion.

However, starting out it is truly an opportunity to release an illusion you have been carrying around. Illusion is a belief in something that is not true. The illusions you hold onto are in direct opposition to the truth of you and your experience. The more illusions you undo and transmute back to truth the more empowered you will be.

So as you find the opportunities in your life which shine a light on the illusions, you have abundance at your fingertips. Your only job in the moment of recognizing there is illusion is to dig it out as much as possible.

Some suggestions for digging it out… if you are new to this or just want to try a different strategy…

Have a qualified person assist you, like a counselor, therapist or coach.Do a stream of consciousness writing on the subject. Steady flow without judgement.

Judgement is the egos way of deriding your process of alignment and self empowerment. Is it is critical to be aware that it will happen (distraction from your purpose to dig into the illusion in the form of thoughts, outside activity, frustration, overwhelm..etc..) and you will have to walk through the attempts to sabotage and derail this healing process.

Think of ego as a toddler snagging your attention. Stand your ground and simply say not now. And continue to focus on the task of fully defining your illusion. Label it. Define it. When did you first notice it show up in your life? What are the feelings or emotions attached to it? Are there triggers which bring it up? Thinking of this makes you feel how? Can you see a reason to let this illusion go? Do you identify with it or not?

Perhaps it is time to redefine who you are an not include this illusion? What might show up in your life if you release this illusion?

So often people are diving deep into all sorts of negative judgements, blame and victimhood when things change. It is time to see that this is counter productive to your reality at these times. Instead dive into a personal clearing of the blocks which created the negative experience to start with.

You are now aware enough to recognize the truth of this and take the appropriate action or not. And love your self either way.

Life is nothing like what you were taught so forgive those who told you such a thing and move on into a much bigger reality. There is no failure, wasted time or energy in having been off tract. You learned much and so much in fact that your experiences have led you all the way here! To this moment, this very moment when you will embrace you as perfection where no failure exists, past, preset or future.

How does that feel?

Well this is the truth. There are all these many aspects of you excited to experience this journey. This may not appear to be a linear ling, but we promise you it is. It is the perfect moment to see that your attitude and ability to stay in the NOW moment is what makes your journey powerful and uniquely your own.

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