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Birthing Authenticity

Dena and I thought up a trip that would be for nurturing our whole persons. As Mommies and Business owners, home owners, daughters and pet mommies there is so much all the time calling on our attention. At first we could only think,... "Let's get away!" Then as we got more serious about dates and place I began to freak that this was going to be wasted on me. I thought I'd go into some sort of coma when the trip began and do nothing actually beneficial for 'Me' or my life. I didn't even know what I wanted. Fortunately, Dena is easy to talk to even when I'm loosing it and talking in circles. She has patience! Out of my delirium and her simple questions we decided on a personal retreat.... Opportunity and inspiration began to pour out.

At the end of the mini therapy session (for my sanity) we had come up with a title and mission! Birthing Authenticity!!!

What I have realized since the idea came is that I really want this! Then, even closer to the launch date I have begun to recognized that I'd love to have one of these days every week for myself. Don't know how but till I figure that out I will definitely do a weekend every month.

It has been my experience when I find a truth there is no unknowing this.

Truth is something that seems to leap into my software and begin to become the new base line. Anything not meshing up is now OUT. These truths are so deep, simple and universal that everyone gets them and can have their software infected too! Reality being that deep in our hardware the truth always was. It was us that had to stumble on it, recognize it and re-boot it. I admit it! I'm not a computer person at all. We could do a raffle and the person to find the most misrepresented computer terms wins! At the Apple store yesterday, to get a simple thing checked... my disk drive... I was informed that my computer is VINTAGE... I guess that is better than dinosaur. It took my car 50 years! My computer 8 years! What will they call my computer in 10 more years?! Seriously, I have every intention to keep it till Bella is out of high school. Just between us I am looking for my happy medium on how much electronics is perfect... ? Part of me is ready to get rid of it all! Ok, So think about creating your own personal time off and what would it look like?... Sans every responsibility, personality and label you carry around every day!

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