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I am Solar Powered!

Wow! Yesterday was a doozy for me. We have been having so little sun and I have been losing more and more steam each day! Yesterday was sleet and snow wet and not sticking till about 1pm... Then things changed and I really hadn't expected that! Snow and more snow heavy and sticking. It was beautiful but no snow!! I was in a funk and emotional. Kinda getting by sitting periodically under my full spectrum light bulb... So I wasn't totally out of commission. Just not me! I am telling you this because today there was sun.

I got a bottle of water and went to the room the sunrise was shinning through. I sat there may 10 minutes and I was a completely new person! Today I have been made very very aware that I charge my personal body batteries with sun. Even if only a few minutes. After that I was lined up with my inspiration. My body, mind and spirit all aligned to finish a painting job in a new room. I have been in flow and gently birthing my day. I wanted to share this because I figured there may be other people feeling the downer of the season and not consciously recognizing how powerful the sun component is. Even if only for 5 minutes or 1 minute, go out and face the sun. Feel the energy it puts into your body!!

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