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Art for Fun!

This is my first bog for my art! These art musings will be very raw and personal. I am an intuitive artist and have a massive family genetic predisposition for being creative. I'm extremely grateful for this edge. Though I will say that I've met and taught many who have no lineage to claim for art and through the intuitive type techniques they make AMAZING art!

I believe we are born creators so it makes sense that if someone is willing it will become evident. I'm smiling as I write this... It all comes down to following the strings that make your heart sing. When I'm playing with paint and just memorized by the way it's splattering or bending I feel the fun. The place where I'm not trying or judging! It feels like being a kid. And I have begun to notice how rare this feeling is. Seems like i'm over programmed to judge everything... good, bad, needs attention, can wait, embarrassing, worrisome... looks good and on and on.

I recently- like this week! Had an expansion in realizing I want to anchor to my home! Which is also where I do business and socialize and be mommy. This may sound obvious but I had thought that I was still benefiting most from reaching outside my home to co-create, network, do jobs and meet people. Permission to anchor almost felt like cheating. Walking through all the negative back talk and found that yes, anchoring is going to be a massive help. So just two days now and I'm feeling more alive and fluid with my home, cleaning and cooking have taken on new flow! My art is more on point with me just flowing and enjoying the process. So I have recognized that one very important aspect to my painting is the texture. I love texture. Now I'm integrating texture in every painting and open to new ways to add it.

This morning I took three canvases outside and using paint stirrers, flung loads of house paint onto the canvases. As you can see in the photos this paint adds tons of texture. This paint will mostly be covered as the many layers are added, but the dimension will show through at the end. See the texture showing in the last photo of the painting I finished yesterday. The three canvases I'm working on now are to hang in the spa room! There is a gorgeous book of herb photos that I just bought. How awesome to use for sketching onto the canvases.

When I started painting years ago I just jumped in. I had no formal training in any aspect of art. What I found was I wasn't inhibited. I think that was because I didn't have any expectations or enough knowledge to even know if I wasn't doing something right. It was a very free space to create in. I'm back there. Life is Good!

*** The canvases above are the ones I just began to work on. The one below I finished yesterday! It just needs a hanger and I'm hanging it over the bio matt in the spa room! Yay!!

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